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Legacy of Weyanoke

Brochure (.pdf)*


An a cappella vocal ensemble
specializing in the songs and stories
of the African Diaspora

Legacy of Weyanoke take their audiences on a journey that pays tribute to that taken by the African ancestors, including those who established in 1619 the first known African settlement in an English-speaking colony in North America. The journey includes countless encounters with Native Americans, who became coworkers, allies, friends and family members.

Songs from African chant to concert spiritual to Cherokee invocation   

Legacy of Weyanoke's members are musicians and storytellers with many years of performing experience throughout North and South America, Europe and Africa among them. 

Stories from Africa to the Americas 

Legacy of Weyanoke has performed to great acclaim for audiences of all ages, walks of life and ethnic backgrounds, in a great variety of settings. Their programs range in length from 15 to 90 minutes or longer, depending on the needs of the presenting organization.

Our oral traditions through our own telling 

To discuss your programming needs or to get publicity material, write, call or e-mail using the information below. 

More on Legacy of Weyanoke

Hugh Harrell, III - Managing Director
P.O. Box 121
Charles City, VA 23030

Please check out clip of USCT Singers!!!

Hugh Harrell, from Legacy of Weyanoke, with the rest of the USCT Singers who performed at the Hampton, VA City Council meeting on 02-28-18.  You will get chill bumps from their harmony and resonating vocals as they sing you back in time!



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