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Over the last 20 years we have offered a variety of programs. In 1994 we had a symposium series that lasted six months. We had a Coming Together Festival every August for 20 years. We've had Native American Heritage Month programs, Black History Month programs, Women's History Month programs, Kwanzaa programs and film series. Our objective has always been to share the information we have learned with everyone we could, from the folks in the street to the scholars in their towers. For free. With respect, music, food, and hugs.

We've loved it. And so have our audiences.

1994 Symposium Series:

Red & Black - The Legacy of Native & African Peoples in Charles City County

The speeches:

20 years of Coming Together:

A festival honoring the intersection of 
Red & Black history & culture

Traditionally the 2nd Saturday in August.

Consider the facts.

  • Indian tribes adopted Africans

  • African communities adopted Indians

  • Indians enslaved Africans

  • The Buffalo Soldiers hunted Indians

  • European communities enslaved both together

  • Information about this relationship has historically been omitted from mainstream institutions and resources

All our programs

have these elements in common:

  • We're a grassroots organization, and get no major funding. Nobody else pays for what we think or say.

  • We're both Native and African, so elements of both cultures are always present.

  • We believe our Ancestors and Relatives are always part of us, no matter what anyone else thinks.

  • We believe both ceremony and the sharing of food are important.

  • We don't know everything. We want your information and ideas, too.


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