Our Logo

Our logo was designed by Red-Black architect Louis Johnson of Hampton, Virginia. It includes the following elements:


  • A turtle, revered by both African and Native American peoples for its long life and wisdom

  • An Ankh, the ancient African (Egyptian) symbol of life

  • An Eagle Staff, held like a flag by a respected elder, leads the Grand Entry of participants into the Pow Wow circle. Feathers symbolize the ability of birds, especially eagles, to serve as messengers to the Creator

  • The Mixed-Blood (Métis) "infinity" symbol indicating the strength that enables us to survive


We honor Louis for his spirit and his gift.


We are Red-Black people. We are people of both Native American and African ancestry, and give ourselves permission to honor ALL our Ancestors. We are who WE say we are, not what others call us.

Instead of whispering, "My grandmother was an Indian," do the research. Look up the records. Read a book. Go to a powwow. Learn about and participate in the culture. And stand tall.

You don't need a card

to be who you already are.


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Text: 804-307-8807

Email: weyanoke @ weyanoke.org


The Weyanoke Association is an

IRS approved 501(c)(3) non-profit.

All donations are tax exempt.